Tell Us About Yourself

Tell Us About Yourself

Ted Williams is the host of the popular game show Whaddy Know? He is introducing today’s four contestants.

Ted Williams: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Wheddy Know! Our first contestant tonight is Mr. Paul Poppe. Welcome Paul Popper. Can you tell us about yourself?

Paul Popper: Of course. My name is Paul Popper and I’m from London, England. I’m 21 years old, and I’m newsagent.

Ted Williams: Are you married, Mr. Popper?

Paul Popper: No, Ted, I’m single, but I’ve got a girlfriend. Her name is Patsy.

Ted Williams: Is Patsy her today?

Paul Popper: No, unfortunately she isn’t. She’s at home in London.

Ted Williams: Okay, thank you, Mr.Popper. Our next contestant is Ms. Zuhal Aydın. Welcome, Ms. Aydın. Tell us a little about yourself.

Inna: Well, Ted I’m Zuhal Aydın, and I’m  27 year old. I’m from Aydın in Turkey. I’m flight attendant, and I’m engaged.

Ted Williams: Oooh, realy? What’s your fiance’s name?

Inna: His name’s Zafer, and he’s here in the audience today. Our wedding is next summer. Hi, Zafer!

Ted Williams: Yes, thank you, Ms. Aydın. Our next contestant is Mr. Fred Doubler. Welcome, Mr Doubler. Can you tell us about yourself, please?

Fred Doubler: Certainly, Ted. I’m Fred Doubler, and I’m from Somerset in England. I’m a farmer, and I’m 49 years old. I’m married, and my wife, Ethel, is here in the audience today. Hello my lover!

Ted Williams: That’s great, Fred. Our last contestant is Ms. Sian O’Connery. Welcome Ms. O’connery. Tell us a little about yourself.

Sian O’Connery: Of Course, I’m Sian O’Connery, and I’m a bussineswomen. I’m 40 years old, and I’m from Los Angelas, California, in the United States.

Ted Williams: Are you a married or single, Ms. O’Connery?

Sian O’Connery: Actually, Ted, I’m divorced.

Ted Williams: Oooh, I’m sorry. Okay-let’s start show!

New Words:

Contestant : Yarışmacı | A person who takes part in content.

Newagent : Gazeteci | A person who owns are Works in a shop that sells newspapers.

Unfortunately : Ne yazıkki

Flight attendont : Uçuş görevlisi

Audience : İzleyici, dinleyici | All the people who are watching.

Engaged : Nişanlı

Wedding : Düğün töreni

Actually : Gerçekte

Divorced : Boşanmış

Occupation : Meslek